My Method for Athletes


I can  ease up the sportsman  without medication or infiltration. My Method  even enhances endurance and performances, for amateurs as same as for athletes.
Famous sportsmen, from all disciplines, are regularly looked after by a chiropractor .
Sylvain Limonier is personally involved in sports, having dedicated himself passionately to high-level practice in several disciplines.
Years of experience have granted him with an intimate knowledge of the body pushed to its limits, which give him an additional asset to treat efficiently his patients.
Any vertebral collapse can cause back pain, lower back pain, lumbago or sciatica. Cervical pains can also come along with migraine.
In many cases, the suffering sportsman, deprived of his hobby, lives in frustration.
Joint injuries and muscular accidents are often seen among high level amateurs and athletes.
Tendinitis, intercostal pain and cramps are also common.
The practice of sports is a mandatory condition to maintain health, both physical and mental, at its best.
The human body has a natural hability to heal itself, an ability that has to be awaken an let free.
You can maximize your vital strength, provided you ask for advice in time

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